Baby's First Dental Appointment: What You Need To Know!

January 10, 2020

Caring for a child’s oral health starts earlier than most parents think. In fact, oral care starts the moment they’re born, as you should be gently cleaning their gums after every meal.

A pediatric dentist can provide even more useful tips to help the little one's smile grow happy and healthy. But if you’re wondering when you should take the child for their first appointment, this article is for you.

When Should My Child Start Seeing the Dentist? 

Experts recommend taking a child for their first dental appointment as soon as their first baby tooth erupts (between the ages of 4 and 12 months) and no later than their first birthday.

But there are lots of reasons to move this appointment forward. For example, if you notice your baby has difficulty feeding and latching on, it could be because of a tongue or lip tie. A pediatric dentist can help perform a simple frenectomy.

How Do I Prepare My Child for the Appointment? 

It’s crucial to teach your child from the beginning that there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to seeing a dentist.

To that end, you can try out these tips to prepare them:

  • Stay calm; if you’re worried and anxious, they will be too
  • Explain why they’re going to the dentist and that it’s not a punishment
  • Tell them how these visits will help their teeth grow strong.
  • Describe what the meeting will be like
  • Prepare a fun activity or offer a treat as a post-appointment reward 

If your child generally has difficulties in new settings, you can take them to the dentist’s office before their appointment. Pediatric practices are usually very colorful and child-friendly anyway, but the child may benefit from getting to know the space and people beforehand.

Also, if you have any concerns or your child needs special accommodations, be sure to talk about this with the dentist.

What to Expect at the First Appointment

This first appointment can involve:

  • An inspection of the child’s erupted teeth, gums, jawbone, and tongue
  • An X-ray to get a better view of their oral health.
  • A gentle cleaning to remove plaque and tartar build-up

But in many ways, this appointment is about the parents as well. You can ask all your burning questions and get personalized tips on how to support your child’s oral health needs.

Kids also need routine appointments every six months. This allows the pediatric dentist to monitor their oral development and intervene swiftly whenever necessary.

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