Most Common Dental Emergencies in Kids

January 10, 2020

Emergencies are never planned. But when they happen, it can be a stressful experience. As parents, it's important to be prepared and informed about the most common dental emergencies that kids may experience. In this blog post, we will discuss some of these emergencies and provide you with helpful information on how to handle them.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

One of the most common dental emergencies in kids is a broken or chipped tooth. This can occur due to a fall, sports injury, or biting down on something hard. If your child experiences a broken or chipped tooth, it's important to remain calm. Rinse their mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to reduce swelling. Save any broken pieces if possible and contact your pediatric dentist immediately for further guidance.


Toothaches can be quite distressing for children and may indicate an underlying dental issue. If your child complains of a toothache, gently clean the area with warm water and floss to remove any food particles that may be causing discomfort. If the pain persists, avoid giving them aspirin and instead, reach out to your pediatric dentist for an appointment.

Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is a serious dental emergency that requires immediate attention. If your child's tooth gets knocked out, carefully pick it up by the crown (avoid touching the root) and rinse it gently with water. Try to reinsert the tooth into the socket, if possible, and have your child hold it in place by biting down on a clean cloth. If reinsertion is not possible, place the tooth in a cup of milk or saliva and seek emergency dental care right away.

Object Stuck in Teeth 

Kids are curious and may sometimes get objects stuck between their teeth. If this happens, gently try to remove the object using dental floss. Be careful not to push the object further into the gums. If you're unable to remove it, don't attempt any drastic measures. Instead, contact your pediatric dentist for assistance.

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At Sky Pediatric Dentistry, we understand the importance of prompt and expert care when it comes to dental emergencies in children. Our experienced team is here to provide your child with the highest quality dental care in a safe and comfortable environment. If your child is experiencing a dental emergency or if you have any concerns about their oral health, don't hesitate to reach out to us at (310) 901-2300. Request an appointment today and let us take care of your child's smile.

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