Welcome to Sky Pediatric Dentistry

January 10, 2020

Meet Dr. Mike

What does Dr. Mike enjoy most about being a pediatric dentist? He loves having the opportunity to provide evidence-based care for children and families in an environment where they can be themselves and feel free to ask questions and share concerns. The sky's the limit! 

The Sky Pediatric Dentistry Way

Our favorite moments with patients often have to do with them taking pride in an accomplishment and getting to see them smile! We strive for Sky Pediatric Dentistry to be a place where we can celebrate your milestones and be your biggest cheerleaders!  

Building Blocks

At the foundation of overall health and well-being is preventive care. Our team prioritizes making sure your kids feel confident about at-home care and what they can do to protect their smile long-term. From first brushing lessons to post-Invisalign care, we’re in it for the long haul and here for your family’s smile needs!

Welcome Aboard

No matter where your kids are with their oral health, we’re here to meet them where they’re at. Our favorite moments are when we get to teach and build confidence by building strong habits early on. Welcome to Sky Pediatric Dentistry, we’re thrilled to have you!

Join the Sky
Pediatric Dentistry

We offer a pediatric dental experience that is unique to your child’s needs. No matter the health of their teeth, we are your partner in achieving wellness and a confident smile!
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